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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  October 1, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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mateo coast. out near pigeon point, their boat cap sized and she -- capsized and she will have more and coming up. police are looking for the men involved in a shooting. it happened before midnight. police say a man and woman were injured when at least four people opened fire. both victims are in the hospital with serious injuries. police also found nearly 40 shell casings, shot out car windows an apartment walls nearby. if you have any information about that shooting, call oakland police. an 84-year-old woman has been arrested after hitting a crosswalk near uc berkeley campus. they believe the woman may have been under the influence. the accident happened at 8:40
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at the intersection of hoist street. two pleasant recovering after a shooting in san carlos. take a look, you can see the bullet holes inside of that window. somebody shot at them while they were heading south. they swerved off the freeway and ran through some bushes and a fence. the investigation tied up traffic for hours. >> we don't know if it was an exchange of gunfire, or if it was directed at the charger, we are still trying to piece it together. >> they went to interview the victims, police are trying to get a description of the other car. they would like to hear from anybody driving 101 -- driving on 101. the woman is accused of killing nursing student
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michelle le. a woman is charged with killing her. her body was found in a remote area. they went to high school together in san diego. prosecutors say she was jealous of michelle le and blamed her for a failed relationship with a former boyfriend. he is charged with killing back at oikos university. he is eligible for the death penalty if convicted. a fire that killed two over the weekend is being called suspicious. family members are identifying him as an elderly man and disabled son. a fire trapped them inside their home. three children were also home at the time of the fire but were rescued by bystanders. they are looking into it.
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authorities are calling an act of domestic terrorism. the office suffered significant damage and many of davis' client's records were destroyed. time now 4:32, the weekend's hot weather may have played in the role of a death of a woman in contra costa county. her body was found in oak hill. the woman had been reported missing from her adult care facility a few hours earlier and her exact cause of death is unknown but they say it might be the temperature. a loud concert kept them awake. now there was a rave at the
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news event. neighbors could hear them stomping in alameda. >> it was sound check. we were measuring the dvd. >> that went on until 2:00 a.m. in the morning, in alameda. neighbors called in more than 1,700 noise complaints. the city of oakland released a statement that reads in part, quote, we apologize for the discomfort and inconvenience, -- inconvenience. we are sorry for the situation. still, you will have to give up plastic bags and they will offer up compostable bags
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instead and they are required to charge a dime for each one. the law kicks off for restaurants and bakeries next year. here in the bay area, you are encouraged to try to take transportation or try to carpool and today marks the third spare the air day of the season. sal is checking in to make sure everything is running on time, sal? that is right, so far we are starting the morning off on time with all the bart trains. it is a very nice looking drive, if you are coming up to the toll plaza, no major problems getting into the city.
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that traffic looks good on highway 17. let's go to steve. maybe around daily city, passive can, i don't think it has much of a chance with it being the fog. we start with 50s for some and 40s for others. yesterday's highs, the city 8 . concord 900 and without the north eat wind and -- northeast wind and we have -- wind and we have antioch, livermore downtown oakland, they are still on the warm side. no breeze at all, west at 7, there is a tiny component with that northeast wind. high pressure controls one more day and the little low is spinning a week to 10 days and
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this week as well. temperatures anywhere from 60s to near 100 degrees cooling trends coast and bay, in fact we will go to the 90s by this upcoming weekend. sunny warm to hot, hot, bayside inland, 69th to 99 degrees, 99 morgan hill, livermore antioch, oakland, 85 in the city, they start to creep back, it looks like a big drop, definitely thursday into friday and a cool and breezy pattern for the next weekend, pam. well the city of richmond is reaching out to chevron for help. what they want in a story you will only see here on 2. plus the supreme court, the three major rulings you could soon see. traffic is moving along well, we will tell you about the bay area commute and the
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bay area weather.
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. good morning, skies are mostly clear, no records are expected, and we will have more continuing. the search continues for two missing men off the coast. their search continues on pigeon point after their boat capsized. last night they searched by helicopter overnight they searched by boat. one of the men is ping-pong sing. two of the men were able to make it back to shore and families members are hoping they will find the other men alive. >> we still have hope he is still alive. >> the coast guard plans to bring in more rescuers for the
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search later this morning. the taliban is claiming responsibility for a suicide bomb that killed 18 people including 3 nato troops. international troops were targeted near a market. they have not released the names of those killed but most of the people killed are american. they have reached a grim milestone. at least 2000 u.s. troops have been killed in the conflict. they were killed in a fire fight at a security checkpoint. the soldier who died was based out of fort brag north carolina. they could bring rulings on gay marriages and voting rights. it could come october 10th when they will hear arguments for a firmtive action programs.
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the court could hear cases involving the defensive marriage act and it challenges the voting rights act. the man accused of murder could have his sentence reduced. it is because of a new law for people sentenced to life in prison while they are juvenile. if they are showing remorse, a judge can reduce their sentence. it could be cut to a 25 year to life sentence. they signed the senate bill and that tries to turn gay or lesbian teens straight. they intend to seek a temporary injunction against the law. it would have provided meal breaks and other protection to
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come must particular workers. and he said there are unanswered questions as whether or not it would extend to part- time workers. president barack obama and mitt romney are preparing for wednesday's presidential debate. president barack obama talked about it at a rally in las vegas. >> i want to have a serious discussing about what we need to do to keep the country growing and restore security for hard working americans. was that people will be listening for and that's teeth bait you deserve. >> president barack obama will remain in nevada to prepare. chris chris trust -- chris christy said the president will do extraordinarily well. >> this whole race will be turned upside down come thursday morning.
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>> one week from today, president barack obama will return to the bay area to raise some cash. the dinner will be followed by a concert and concert tickets start at $100 and go to $7,500 which give you premium seats and a photo opportunity. musical guests have not yet been announced. how is traffic so far, sal? >> it looks good, as a matter of fact we are doing well, no major problems and let's go out and take a look at that interstate 880, traffic looks nice with no major problems. also the commute looks good, it is a nice looking drive getting into san francisco, and if you are driving in san jose, it is also off to a good start, 445, let's go to steve.
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there could be a patch or two of low clouds, it will not last very long and today will be the warmest day of the week, today was hot too. without that northeast wind, it is good old high pressure kicking in, i am large and in charge. concord 66, san jose was 90, well they are pretty warm and some locations are in the upper 50s and 60s. there are some that are a little cooler. west 7 at fso, a little puff by the coast, everything goes up over the coast. a big cooling trends will start in on tuesday for the coast and for everybody and if you can't stand the heat, hang in there. if you love sunshine and warm
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temperatures, and you are saying, man, it has been foggy and cold, five degrees below average for september and that's extremely rare for september. then after that, here comes the old fog bank, they put it on the shelf, and boy our temperatures will drop by the upcoming weekend. 446 is the time, san jose police are investigating a man's death after a huge group fight. the fight started just before 1:00 near monterey highway and burn road. as many as 50 people were fighting when the man was stabbed. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. they forced the closer of an -- closure of an off ramp on
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880 when the solution spilled. it spilled onto the off ramp and a hazardous materials group was called to the scene. they are said to reach out to chevron in hopes that the company will revitalize the area. the city wants chevron to help create a research campus near marina bay since that is where they have selected the new campus. city council members think it could create a new green tech center. >> chevron is not only making petroleum products but they are making renewable products all in the same city. it would be great for richmond. >> chevron said they are not in the position to make any long- term investment decisions until
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the refinery is suck sister fully -- successfully perfect -- permitted. two of the aircraft landed at the marine corp aircraft this morning. many oppose the use after crashes earlier this year. it takes off like a helicopter butterflies like a plane. two people are dead, another injured after gunfire erupted at a motorcycle ride in florida. it happened in winter park. motorcycle riders were inside eating breakfast when they came in and started firing shots. >> gunshots went off in the parking lot of v. if double. i noticed two motorcycle gangs and i don't believe it was the
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normal klein intel -- clientele of the v. if w. >> several had been taken into custody and a number of weapons had been recovered by police. a person fell from a water slide in los angeles county. it happened at a six flags hurricane harbor. he passed other people in line and went down the slide head first on his stomach breaking park rules. he fell off the slide and landed on the pavement. fortunately he has no broken bones and no internal injuries. the notorious love birds bonnie and clyde are still linked to big money after their deaths. two of the guns sold at auction bringing about a half million dollars, and they
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brought in another $36,000 and even an empty aspirin continue sold for $11,000. former governor arnold schwarzenegger is speaking out about his multiple affairs. he talks about his new tell all book. plus cracking down, the law could get even stricter. @p@po'
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. arnold schwarzenegger's tell off book is out and he admitted to several affairs. >> so it is a recurring issue with you? >> i am not perfect. >> now, arnold schwarzenegger writes about fathering a son and also confesses to having an affair in is 985 -- 1985. it happened wild he was with maria chiefer -- maria shriver. it is about parks resident stops -- rest stops and it is
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complaint based and police will not be writing out tickets. scheduled maintenance on a 10-mile stretch of the 405 freeway through the pass ended last night. the highway shut down nicknamed carma armageddon 2 and it starts in orange county. carpool lane all the way down to orange county, that has to be a big improvement for them. >> every time they do it, i am thinking this will be the traffic jam to end all traffic jams and somehow they get by. let's look at the commute and traffic is moving relatively well as you drive out to the area, no major problems if you are driving interstate 880. if you are driving to the bridge you will not see a big
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delay although they are surprised to have people driving at this hour. traffic continues to look good all the way to highway 17 and if you are driving on 101, it is the same thing, and they have left the central valley or will be leaving in a few minutes and there are no delays reported. let's go to steve. >> i have to tell you, there were cars coming in this morning and that was not the case earlier, there could be a patch or two of some low clouds, clear skies, daily city, high pressure right over us, but then it stats to back
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off, 60s and 50s, so we have a big difference with some of the temperatures and that's pick up over 15 to get a cool down. west at 7, a slight component, we never did get the high pressure, and warm to hot today tomorrow inland and then the coast will start cooling down, if it doesn't make it wednesday, it will make it thursday into friday patchy 99 antioch morgan hill, 75 concord, vallejo 90 so take your pick, anywhere away from the coast it will be warm to hot, cooler on wednesday and lows will settle right over us for the upcoming weekend so temperatures go from 90s to 70s, here is pam.
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thank you steve. it is 50,000 attendees which will likely cause traffic delays. 8:00 a.m. they will deliver the key note address during the opening meeting last night, he is set to talk about tomorrow and the event wraps up on thursday. >> coming up. the news that could lead to lotto fever and two men are missing off the san mateo coast.
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. the poll that is good news just days before the debate for one presidential candidate. and the ticket that was purchased right here in the y


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